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Solution Framework of Market Forces

Specifics of the Healthcare Proposal

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Uninsured:  can be addressed by generally lowering the cost of healthcare and if need be to implement the notion of low cost clinics.  Reducing the minimum requirement mandates for insurance, and expanding the HSA approach will combined offer a very good solution to this sector of the population, without driving up the cost of government.

Employees/employer:  work out of employers providing healthcare insurance.  Allow the employee to determine what insurance they need.   This could be transitioned over a few years, and could also be a transition to a HSA approach.   This would drive insurance also to provide better solutions.  No special cases for unions. 

General public:  would see their ability to make healthcare decisions again.   Removing all of the mandates restricting mobility of doctors and the ability of patients to buy insurance in any State.  This would increase competition and reduce unneeded regulations. 

Medicare:  could be phased out over time by raising the age of eligibility.  The transfer of accounts to a HSA account, increasing the patient decision process would be necessary to begin to reverse the total costs. 

Medicaid:  remove this over time, relying on the community clinic idea, and also have a HSA approach to assisting those in need.  This would expand the doctors available.  Use tax credits for doctors to supplement this sector.   Have a community review process, making the performance transparent to the population and to government.

Government employees:  force them into the same system as normal employers above.

Hospitals:  sunset all mandates on hospitals, protecting or restricting them.   With the above changes in government programs, the hospitals will make more margin, and become more competitive.

Insurance:  allow these companies to create new insurance offerings.  Make their performance quite transparent to the public.   Greatly restrict their lobbying activities, and make them aware of what and how competition works.

Doctors:  allow more layers of practice to be allowed for various ailments.  Allow them greater latitude in conducting business.   Tort reform could be as simple as looser pays the legal fees.  Open up the Schools of Medicine to review and more capacity.  Target an increase in the number of doctors.