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Solution Framework of Market Forces

Health Services Report

What We Do  (A business that offers with nurses, HC support and coaching.) 

Welcome to Health Service Review. We are people serving people in the delivery of healthcare for employers who self fund their benefit plans.


HSR's mission is to maximize the quality of life for employees while saving substantial healthcare costs and productivity loss associated with sick employees. In other words, enable the building of healthy businesses through healthy people.


HSR establishes long-term relationships with our clients.

Why the loyalty? HSR provides client-centered solutions that meet their needs. Employees feel like someone really cares (because HSR does) and employers love the way HSR "flattens" the healthcare cost curve.

We've been doing this since 1983 and clients love it. Since HSR is able to detect and manage possibly catastrophic losses at the earliest possible date, we are able to avoid a lot of needless costs. HSR is able to reduce costs because 80% of healthcare cost is the result of claims.