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Medicare is  future Bankrupt

Excerpts:  Hospital Industry Bristles at Cuts   WSJ article, June 15, 2009

After Proposing $313 Billion Health-Spending Reduction, Obama Must Win Support

Under pressure to amplify its payment plan, the White House on Saturday outlined $313 billion in additional spending cuts over that period to health-care providers paid through Medicare and Medicaid, the federal health programs for the elderly and poor. That would bring total cost savings and tax increases identified by the Obama administration to help pay for the overhaul to nearly $950 billion.

The sharp response from the hospital industry, which under the proposal faces reductions in subsidies exceeding $100 billion over 10 years, illustrates the administration's challenge in winning the deep concessions from industry needed to pay for the overhaul. After agreeing in May to contribute to a $2 trillion reduction in health spending over 10 years, the hospital industry is now bristling at the prospect of more givebacks -- this time, cuts that would be set in law.

"We're certainly disappointed," said Rich Umbdenstock, chief executive of the American Hospital Association, an industry group. "It will be very, very difficult for hospitals to live with cuts of that magnitude." He said what concerns the group is that the cuts were being laid out before lawmakers have agreed on concrete proposals for reducing the number of uninsured.

Note:  where do the cuts come from, partly from reductions in hospitalization or readmission clamped, the beginning of rationed care.   The other money above will be made up by rationing more care and a shift in financial burden to the private sector.  

There is no free lunch or healthcare.