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in 2009 there is no bigger issue

Starter Kit: the issues and arguments

The amount of misinformation out there is immense, and daunting in its vigor, as one can see in "Myths."  It will take a concerted effort on the part of each citizen to weed out the platitudes from the facts, and it is towards that end, that this website was created.  There is no quick and easy few bullets to grab and run with.  It is about doing due diligence.  You can read the most impactful pages as listed on the homepage and on the News page.

First step:  is healthcare a right or a service?   Try these answers for some thought and data.  You can further bury yourself in Trends and Costs for more details.  This is at the core of any discussion, spoken or unspoken.  "What's Foot Here" will also address the trend increase in the public sector of this country.

Second step:  does Obamacare improve cost and coverage?   One can answer this question in pieces, with a good summary being in " more forward."  The facts support the notion that Obamacare is a cost increase according even to the CBO, and even some studies have shown might not address the uninsured.

Third step:  be prepared for the question of what can really be done about the mess we are in.  The overview in Proposal gives a broad brush of how to install more competitive market forces, instead of the centrist approach we have seen over the past 40 years and what is in Obamacare.  The healthcare industry is the most regulated, and has the largest lobby group in expenses of any industry in America ($500M in 2008), and employs 58 lobbyists per Congressman.   Also the government is responsible for 47% of the total expenditure, with private citizens being only a paltry 13%. Coupled with the high cost of regulation, the conditions are a perfect formula for the cost tailspin we are now in.

Fourth step:  be aware of the misinformation and reassurances that are being made each day.  Use this website to investigate the issues.  There are many websites and journalistic sources that feed this website that are credible, and are not given to polemics or dismissal of groups of people.  Use the large reference body of articles in "Analysis" to answer some of these questions.

This website tries hard to present data and logic. To the extent that it achieves that goal is good.  To the extent that it misfires or fails to do so in the eyes of the reader, then I apologize.  Please do yourself a favor in this case, and step back and ask if it is because of this website or the preconditioning of the reader.  I have seen a great deal of tribal thinking on this subject, without any analyses, just blind beliefs. 

I have learned a lot about the political process in this endeavor, and we must reform that as well, which will come by citizens getting involved and expecting more from government in the form not of entitlements but rather sound reasoning.  It is towards that end that I created this website.   Do please comment and send emails, but most of all realize how these reforms being proposed affect you and your country. 

It is a great time for your voice to be heard.

Here is an overview video on the Healthcare reform status: