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in 2009 there is no bigger issue


The two sides on healthcare reform can be more easily summarized:   drive costs down with enhanced  competition or drive healthcare by political mandates and drive up costs.   The Democratic solutions proposed thus far, referred to in this website as Obamacare, are steadfast in their desire to regulate and control more aspects of the most regulated industry and distorted market in the US economy. The risks in pursuing more of the same, with over 40 years of growing government intervention, is that the fix instead becomes an acceleration of the problem.

This website attempts to analyze the overall industry, provide market based solutions, to drive costs and increase quality for all Americans. The risks of more government is that healthcare will continue to degrade. Reading about the healthcare in Canada and the UK, as well as the market forces and industry segments can provide an informed opinion on healthcare reform, which is the intent of this website.

There are a large number of websites on Healthcare, but none that present a set of arguments usable by the average citizen.  The issues are quite complex, but the solution appears simpler.  Some argue that serving the uninsured requires a dramatic change in the system.    Some say that the system is working just fine.  What you will find in this website is yet another perspective and a proposal that empowers the citizens and patients to drive the system. 

Before one can solve a problem, one must first be able to analyze it.  Also is healthcare a right or a service that should benefit from proper market forces?    There are many more questions that the reader might have. This website is an attempt to provide a set of possible answers.  How citizens form and express their opinions is the key in the coming policy forming period.   

This website is intended to amalgamate a wide range of information on our current healthcare system, and to put the issue into a better focus.  As this issue is a most heated political topic at the moment, the difference between the information presented in the political arena and that otherwise available, is of great importance and relevance.  Much of the current political arguments are not often driven by data or are even consistent in their reasoning.   It is most apparent that the better part of the public does not understand thus far the nature of the problem and the nature of the solutions being proposed.  

It will be apparent, soon after reviewing any of the articles contained herein, that the perspective in this website has a strong slant towards free market thinking.   In short, healthcare needs more competitive forces operating, to improve cost and quality.  These forces cannot come from a government agency, but as result of the healthcare industry operating with greatly enhanced market forces.   This means putting the buyer more in charge at the patient level.   We all understand that competition is good, but has there been sufficient competition within the healthcare industry?   How does one measure this and judge future policies accordingly?  It is the intent of this website to provide the insight sufficient to answer these and other questions.        

There is a good deal of good information online, which is not being properly used or distributed.  Some organizations, like the AARP and AMA, are so focused on their lobbying agenda, that they cannot even see the eventual outcome of what they are advocating.   So much has been done piecemeal in healthcare that a good analogy is it is as though someone is trying to build a house by throwing 2x4’s in a pile.   The process of major defining policies has not been done with the eventual long term difficulties in mind, but often to favor one approach or supplier over another.  The net result has been a system that lacks the competitive forces to meet the needs of the citizens of this country.

What is the problem and why? 

Read on in the that section to see if this adds some insight.



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