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in 2009 there is no bigger issue

Bipartisanship:   Not apparent thus far

The amount of joint views coming together to solve a problem simply has not existed thus far.  In the House the video below speaks well to how well that has worked.  Pelosi's attempts to limit and control the opposition are becoming well documented.  The condition in the Senate is not much better, and has been largely behind closed doors, with little to review or reflect on in the way of policy disclosures. 

Bipartisanship is only apparent, to a small degree, in the Senate thus far, and perhaps when the details of the Senate Bill are aired publically, then this situation will change.  The video at right talks to how well the House has not done in being bipartisan.

With the great push for healthcare reform, first setting high expectations on the left, setting deals with insurance, hospitals, and Pharma that cannot be met, denying the anger of America and dismissing it as un-American and scare tactics - the Democrats have made bipartisanship very difficult.