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in 2009 there is no bigger issue

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The House Bill was passed by a key committee, having made the deals to pass through the concern filter.  Does this map into solving the problem, as stated on the Problem page?  No.  It just means that there was a set of conditions that passed through the gauntlet of special interests.   No real specifics were given, but it seems that the public option is alive for now.  If you think this option is a good idea or are unsure, then read the link and articles here.

The Senate committee is still in closed door negotiations, and perhaps will try to have a Bill come out committee early in August.  The inner workings of the House committee lead by Waxman were detailed in a WSJ article.

Neither the Senate nor the house bill will reach the full body of Congress before the Fall.  This will give voters and citizens a chance to really study the issues and be hear.  The current process in Washington DC is the trading of a few percent here and there on which group gets which level of fines. While on the revenue increase side, the search is on to find which group will be taxed to pay for what is the estimated gap in the total cost which also is not loud enough to object. 

Support for Obamacare in a public poll is falling, as folks see the details and concerns grow for increased deficits. The scare tactics are becoming clear, despite the promises made on making positive change, and the tax burden is also becoming more clear, and it is not achievable without serious economic and political consequences.  Putting this into perspective, it is a serious question of whether or not the future is to be dominated by the public sector.

To the Liberals: is a Bill winnable in Congress, and what happened to the public option (read Step 1 to single payer healthcare system).  They certainly to try to work the CBO leader and his analysis results.  It is a game of calculus now.  Little to no cost cutting has been found however.  Momentum for Obamacare has grown a bit, with some deals made in the Senate and now the House.  I guess that socialized medicine is buyable for $100B, a good deal for the liberals. 

To the conservatives: how bad is the House or Senate Bill, and look at how the seniors are being screwed, despite Obama's attempts to persuade a group of seniors.  The points in the bills

We continue to see good commentary on Massachusetts Healthcare systems, referred to as Romneycare.  It bears a good look, for it is a case study for Obamacare, and it does not look good.

To the concerned citizen: how does is this going to work, and how bad are the costs?  Bad is the short answer.  The CBO's record on forecasts of government social programs continues to be bad.  How large could a $1T cost rise to?  $2T or $3T?  Can a cost estimate for a program that increases the feeling that healthcare is a right and should cost next to nothing really be accurate?  If we had food insurance that made steaks low costs, could the total cost of that program be calculable?

Citizens have to study an issue and have their voice heard, more than at any other time.   The growth of entitlements has driven the cost increases in healthcare, and Obamacare is an acceleration of this growth.  More soon on the math of entitlement.  The stories of patients on government run healthcare should also be heard.