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in 2009 there is no bigger issue

Forecast for Obamacare

Alethos Press LLC, Sept. 30, 2009, letter from Dave Racer

We seem to be heading down the stretch on federal health care reform. Everyone is trying to guess the outcome. Thanks to some very smart and informed DC insiders whom I know, I offer you seven reasons this could all blow up. In fact, you could choose any one of these and make it work among your own contacts. There's enough here to provoke just about everyone.

Seven Reasons it Could Implode:

1.  Abortion. Actually, this one works both ways. Word is that President Obama promised Planned Parenthood there would be an avenue in the outcome for funding of abortions. This could be explicit (tax funding and specific language) or implicit (allowed to be covered under health plan endorsed by and receiving subsidies from government). There are 40 strong pro-life Democrats who do not want to vote for any reform that funds abortions.

2.  Immigration. A hot issue all across the country. The liberals want everyone covered (every resident). Blue Dog Democrats and those who are vulnerable, as well as sane GOP lawmakers want specific language about this. They want a prohibition on any requirement or allowance for health insurance or health plan coverage for illegal immigrants.

3.  Medicare defunding or reimbursement reductions. America's seasoned citizens are smart. They know when Congress is messing with Medicare. And they take no prisoners. Yet, President Obama and his Congressional colleagues know they can't produce "revenue neutral" reform without tapping into Medicare Advantage, and forcing down reimbursements for physicians and other medical providers.

4.  Taxes. Call them what you wish, but when an insurance mandate forces the uninsured to buy insurance, it is a tax. But that isn't all. Senator Baucus wants to tax insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, Pharma, and providers. Those costs get passed on to patients - many of which earn far less than $250,000 a year. Oops. Another promise discarded.

5.  Public Option (government health plan). Liberals demand it. Liberals demand it. The bill, we are told, cannot pass with this option in it, but liberals demand it. Cong. Pelosi says it is back in play. Conservative Democrats protest loudly, because it will cost them reelection. Isn't it fun to watch politicians squirm?

6.  Parochial Interests. Or you might say, special interests. But we all have special interests. Mine, for instance, is liberty and the ability to afford to live. But there are so many competing interests, and they all understand what is at stake. The most important is, of course, voters, and they are watching.

7.  Politics. Above all other things, the US health care system is driven by politics. You might think it's the insurance companies, Pharma, physicians, employers, hospitals, and so forth. It's not. For those in power it's about getting reelected. It's about power. The survival instincts of those in power outweigh all other considerations. That is, if We the People play our role correctly.

You, of course, are already engaged. That's why you have read this, and why you are already thinking of people that need to read it. Stay engaged. No matter which of the seven are of most concern to you, get your friends and everyone you know who agrees with you to apply pressure. Now. Remember, above all else is #7.


Dave Racer, MLitt Alethos Press LLC